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I Made A Fortnite Music Video Because Why Not?

I recently made a Fortnite music video just for fun. I thought it was just something that would be cool to do. I’ve seen some people have success with this I just use one of my songs from one of my albums and put master chief in this along with some of the Unreal Engine stuff that Epic Games has come out with.

Fortnite Music Video You Gotta Believe by Nicholas Bennett

I think it’s a pretty good music video overall. I think this could definitely be a game or anthem. Eventually, like I like the sound of it has a nice ring and tone to it. I feel like it hit the notes right. Let me know what you think. But this is my gamer anthem, basically.

Maybe you just call it my gamer anthem for my YouTube channel but I’ve always wanted to make a Fortnite music video. So here it is guys. And I think it has some interesting stuff. I use some different techniques with video editing to kind of give it some edge to it.

Or at least make it a little bit funny for you guys. So hope you guys enjoy this new music video. That is a Fortnite music video. Nonetheless,






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