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Halo Should Just Put Characters in Fortnite at this Point

What is one thing that could save Halo? Why not put Masterchief and Fortnite together? No, I’m not kidding. This was a great idea because Halo obviously can’t update their game, so why not give the reins to Fortnite?

Master Chief in Fortnite

And I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but it absolutely may be a good idea. Why not have a developer that actually updates their game non stop do this to help Halo out. In the long run, it probably would do more. Just to put all the halo skins in Fortnite.

Imagine the possibilities here.

You’re able to play as all your halo favorites and in third person and now that there’s no longer construction in Fortnite, it really allows for a lot of opportunity for Halo players to go in and try to take down Fortnite players. Heck just add first person mode.

It can happen Halo has now been saved.






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