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A Lot of Effort to Create a YouTube Gaming Channel

I just want to put it out there that it takes a lot of effort to create a gaming YouTube channel. A lot of people think it’s really easy and it’s absolutely not. I’m constantly having to think of new ways to be imaginative and the content that I create.

It’s I’m not imaginative, then my content will simply not exist. And one of the main things with gaming is it has a lot of people who want to be gaming content creator, and this is what makes gaming so incredibly hard to break into, from any perspective. One of the things I do with my gaming content is make sure I try to be innovative every time I do something, even if I know it may not work.

I try it out. A lot of times I’ve had things work I didn’t think would work and I’ve had really simple things work. And it tends to be the simple things that work the best ironically, because I can sit there and edit all night and get no views and then do no edits and get a lot of views.

So this is like the conundrum with gaming channels is Do you spend all that time editing only to get a confused audience it seems like or do you just post gameplay videos of you talking with voiceovers? Nowadays, it’s a little bit easier with YouTube shorts, Tik Toks, Instagram rails and all that other stuff. And I think that’s the big thing right now is you can get your short content seen but it’s really hard to get your long content seen people just don’t want to sit there and see a Let’s Play and that’s one of the big things that’s kind of changed today with gaming.

And it can be kind of tough from that perspective and challenging. But if you have a passion for it, I say go for it. You could always write a gaming book alongside your YouTube channel and do some other things that kind of allow it to grow a little bit more. So that’s an idea to I do in the end plan on turning my articles into a book. So I kind of have a long term view and you almost have to have a long term view when it comes to creating a YouTube gaming channel. So that’s kind of my idea here is to create a passive income through gaming, but it has actually paid for my gaming to a certain extent.

At least it’s covered my cost sure I had to pay a lot for a new microphone computer, but I was going to have those expenses anyway. Well, now their business expenses. And then also, I’ve had games I bought. So I think that’s the big thing is let’s say I have Facebook reels and I have stuff out there for that while I’ve made some passive income from that not a lot but enough to just to cover my gaming expenses. I’ve made no profit but I’m at least covering my gaming expenses. So that’s pretty good right now.

So I like that I’ve been able to cover that hobby of mine. Maybe it can result in more later as I write more articles and do stuff like this and maybe even create a book for gaming. But this is some cool stuff that you can do when you create a YouTube channel. I hope this is helpful.






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