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Unreal Engine April 2022 Free Content Packs

In this video go over the April 2022 free asset packs! Over $350 in free content for game makers and movie makers.

A gamer goes over the new Unreal Engine Free Packs for April 2022. Over $350 in free 3D assets for your movies and games.

Every month unreal marketplace releases a free content pack. April 2022 is no different. There is a ton of stuff available. There’s a medieval house pack where you can build a house. There’s also a low polygon pack for a fantasy world that is really cool after trying it out.

Additionally, there is a neighborhood pack where you can create a cool neighborhood and some houses that are very similar to The Sims.

There’s just a ton of content this month in the Unreal Engine marketplace, not including the free content that they’re giving out for Unreal Engine five so make sure you check out the Unreal Engine marketplace for all the cool stuff they have this month. This is over $350 in free content for you and it is insane






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