Will Xbox Game Pass Continue to Dominate in 2022?

Will Xbox Game Pass be able to continue with the new Playstation pass coming out and eventually Nintendo will probably get a better pass. Additionally, this really makes it interesting for the next few years as Xbox is obviously leading by a wide margin at this point in time coming into 2022. They really have it handed to them. They have made other companies react to them by creating a really innovative business model.

For streaming games and allowing people to pretty much have any game they want in their Xbox Game Pass for a reasonable price. And I think that’s the main thing

Additionally, it brought X Xbox really to PC the right way. And I think PC gamers have reacted to this well maybe even pulled some gamers away arguably from steam. I’m not sure on the numbers there but it looks like some may have at least left for a little while maybe back now to Halo infinite has kind of died down for now. And we’ll see where that goes in the future.

But Xbox Game Pass had the perfect storm of perfect content and they’re always adding new games and they’re giving day one access to those new games. This is one of the fallacies of the PlayStation is they’re not giving day one access to new games because they don’t feel like that that is in their business model.

It will be interesting to see how this develops over time as Xbox Game Pass continues to try to dominate this market.

And they are dominating. But can they hold a momentum for the amount of time that they’re holding it? I’m not sure if they’ll have that ability to keep this up and keep all those games in the package.

What we’ll probably see is oh create more movie options and try to get the younger generation who would like to have movies and games we sold this one Xbox Game Pass in the beginning offered a Disney plus as part of that package.

So PlayStation most likely will do this. But one oddball on this whole deal with downloadable game services and streaming gaming services is Nintendo what is Nintendo going to do? Nintendo could very easily wake up tomorrow and be like,

Hey, let’s create a cloud gaming service. With all our retro games. And that would actually probably be pretty popular if they just allowed a few of their newer games on there. Even the Wii games from the past.

That can be a major thing for Xbox and allowing them to really gain upper hands. Nintendo will then have the upper hand that points and throw that whole thing off between PlayStation and Xbox.

They put Nintendo in there. Well that’s another subscription service that people have to pay for. Nintendo is very cheap at this point in time so it could be interesting to see how this develops, Nintendo could definitely walk in and open the door and be like,

Hey, we’re here. And we’re about ready to give people our games. Through this through a monthly fee on PC and PC gamers really don’t have access to Nintendo unless they buy the Nintendo Switch. Maybe they just go ahead and buy it. Part of tell at this point in time.

That could be something that a lot of players do do is they just buy the Nintendo Switch. Not necessarily something that is too crazy, but Nintendo could walk in there and shake it up. What do you guys think that’s a good question. Make sure that you guys comment on this if you think there’s something different here. The tear pass with PlayStation is something interesting.

I just don’t know if it’s enough to edge out Xbox at this point in time and will be interesting over the coming months to see how this story develops.

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