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What Games have the Best Lore?

With Elden ring coming out and having incredible lore for a dark souls came, we now have to figure out what is the game that has the greatest lore of all time. While it can’t necessarily settle on one, I just want to go down some games that have great lore and our next level when it comes to this lore is so incredibly important to video game that it is understated.

It’s also what makes people come back to the game later on. We’ve seen different levels of lore and games, some have no lore, and other games go all out. For instance, Skyrim is a game that goes all out on the lower front.

There are books in the game that would you could spend hours reading and barely even touched the amount of reading content in the game. Only a few people probably in the world have actually read all the Skyrim books. If you’ve already done that, make sure to leave that in the comments. The Skyrim books bring in a level of lore that we have not seen in games.

Other series that do lore Well, Dragon Age, Dragon Age is a game that really brings in lore, and there are little snippets throughout the game that look like books that come up as articles on the page. This is a really cool idea and allows to bring in the world further for those who want to learn more about the backstory. In order to figure out the backstory of Dragon Age though you definitely do need to read these little snippets of information to really gain an understanding of what is going on.

And the game of Dragon Age. Games that have books also have a ton of lore. Mass Effect actually has a lot of books. So does Halo have a lot of books. These games developed their Lord through additional trilogy of books that really lead to a deep lore.

So a game doesn’t necessarily have to have lore inside of it. It can also have lore in the books that come out or movies and shows that right along with it. Elden Ring is most definitely looking into having movies and books released alongside the game at this point to develop that universe further.

So in the end, eldering could have a very deep lore that we’re not fully aware of at this point in time. These are some good examples of games that just have amazing lore throughout them. Are there any other games that you play that have awesome lore?






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