Next Gen Video Game Theory

Virtual Reality and Sunglasses Will Be Epic

We will look at what’s going to happen to virtual reality in the future. There are several things which will change that will kind of develop into something more.

And that is the sunglasses approach. If we have sunglasses and they’re able to do virtual reality, that’s a lidar headset, it doesn’t take as much power. And if we can get to that point, I think we’re going to have more buy in from a market perspective, when it comes to virtual reality and we can’t underestimate sunglasses in the future and how they can definitely make a difference and they can really get into designs and cool things much like we have with smartphones today.

And that’s gonna really take on a certain level of itself, being able to have sunglasses and carrying them around and doing a whole bunch of stuff like that. Getting rid of carrying around a phone can be a major thing. I think people would like to go around and not have necessarily a phone with them all the time and just have some sunglasses, especially if you’re going for a jog or doing other things.

It seems like you always have to have something in place when it comes to just a wearable in general a watch or something but if you have a sunglasses, maybe it’s telling you your workout while you’re working out. Maybe you can go out there and do some other things. But if you want to just like escape the world while you’re at work, virtual reality can do that. And yes, it can seem a little bit like the matrix times I don’t know if that’s necessarily the right words, but it’s something that in the future could be a major player.

Sunglasses have this innate ability to really bring in some cool things with virtual reality. I mean, it makes games a lot more immersive, and they can be fine. I just don’t know how far down the road we are from this because it’s going to take a little bit of technological proudness to get to the point where people can wear sunglasses around and do some other things with these and I just don’t think we’re there at this point in time. We know that Google has tried this in the past with their own sunglass technology, but we’re not at that point yet. Smart sunglasses will change everything. If you combine that with augmented reality and virtual reality.

We’re looking at some pretty neat technology that will be on its way in the future. And this technology will be a player that will potentially compete even with smartphones or complements. I think the ability to play a video game in virtual reality is a major thing. But if you could go to work and virtual reality, which we could definitely see in the future. Zoom could take advantage of this Microsoft teams could take advantage of this x box could take advantage of this being able to play in a virtual world to add more immersion to the actual game or just immersion to being able to travel somewhere in general.

Google Maps could take advantage of this and have like world tours where you could travel the world and do a whole bunch of neat things throughout the world. So don’t underestimate the ability of where this technology can go in the future and how virtual reality will eventually be a major player because if you could go and play Madden while just sitting down and nobody really knew you’re playing Madden, I think people would definitely do that.

Or people wanted to play fortnight But why don’t have more immersion be able to look around the world. I do think this is something that could become very popular in the future. And we don’t need to underestimate the ability of something like this to become super popular. When it doesn’t seem like it could be but it definitely will be in the future. So sunglasses and fortnight and all this other stuff can really bring in a whole bunch of stuff that we did not think was possible.

There are things that can be developed that we’re not even thinking of at this point in time that can come into play and really, completely change the world. So be on the lookout for what happens here when it comes to virtual reality but it definitely will be a game changer.

Once it’s in sunglasses form. Everything will change and it will be lightweight, it will look stylish. There is so much going on with this that it’s just going to be freaking awesome.






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