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Kirby the Forgotten Land is Just Fun!

Kirby The Forgotten land is actually a lot of fun. I’ve been playing this game and I’ve been enjoying it. I like how Kirby can transform into anything in this game.

Basically, you basically suck up the characters then you can change and get their superpowers. This is a really neat concept that Kirby The Forgotten land has come up with and I really like what they have done here. The levels are very good and well designed. I especially like the flying level where you fly, and Kirby transforms into basically a glider and glides across the level.

These little things and touches make the game seem so cool, and show why Nintendo is so successful at creating great games. And it truly is an understatement of how cool this game has turned out to be for me I wasn’t expecting a lot going into it. I have not played a lot of Kirby games. However, I like the idea of being able to transform into anything in the game. And now I see why Kirby has been so incredibly successful when it comes to being a character within the Nintendo franchise. They did a very good job with this game.

Some people may find this game kind of mundane is what I’ve heard from other reviews but personally I like the calmness of the game. I like being able to transform into objects. I like that it’s a little bit easier than other Nintendo games. And to me it’s a nice break from say elven rain, and I’m enjoying it a lot.






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