Is Halo Infinite Dead?

Is Halo infinite dead and I think this is a great question because it definitely seems like Halo infinite has died out over the last couple months due to lack of updates. It’s really important that Halo gets the updates and because if they don’t update this game soon Halo infinite may be in the graveyard of what could have been great games.

Halo Infinite Dead Video

We saw a failure of Battlefield this year like no other we’ve also seen Call of Duty kind of fall out of favor with a lot of people. This means that free to play games are really taking off or they have to go to a free to play model just to get players to play their games even that’s not being successful. So if Halo can’t get people to play their games when it’s free, what does that mean for the future of Halo?

Yes, there’s a new television series that could bring some players back to this game. But with that being said, Halo infinite needs to get new maps and I don’t care at this point, whether it’s old maps that they add to this game, like they did with the Master Chief Collection, or bringing in brand new maps which would be highly recommended, but there’s only a few maps in this game and that is my biggest qualms with Halo Infinite is the multiplayer just seems lackluster.

They’re not really updating characters like they do in other games that are free to play. So this is a major issue for Halo in general. Well, Halo will be able to survive this long period where they’re not updating this game. One thing I have thought about is with Microsoft buying up all these companies does that mean they’re not gonna focus on Halo anymore? They’re just gonna focus on those games that they just bought. That’s one worry i do have at this point in time are they actually going to give the resources to Halo infinite, like they should because this is their staple franchise that makes Xbox great. And they’re just letting it go. And this is not the days of when you just like games sits.

This is the days when you have to be updating games to have success at any means over a period of time. This is why Rainbow Six has been so successful throughout the years is because the game has been updated continually. If you’re not updating your game, then you are just dead in the water when it comes to video games. So Halo infinite has to update their games with new maps and new content very quickly. Or they’re going to continue to lose their player base. I don’t know what’s going on over Halo, but they need to get this done or Halo could be in a very bad position from an Xbox perspective. Hopefully this is not the case but it is time guys to update this game just for the Halo fans in general. And the ones who have stuck by you throughout the years and helped Xbox grow.

Halo infinite was supposed to be a live game that was continually updated and that is exactly what we are not seeing at this point in time. So hopefully Halo will come down the line and get updated. Soon. So the franchise can be right back. It’s not too late to update this game. It’s definitely not too late to update Halo infinite and if we can get to the point where we can just get it updated a little bit with some new maps. I think that’s gonna make a huge difference. Obviously Forge is out of the window at this point in time from a perspective of getting that to the game. So could other games have a resurgence like split gate which is very similar to Halo definitely could have a chance of having a resurgence of an audience because they don’t have the updates in Halo Ross are getting a lot of false promises from the halo team saying they’re gonna get this done and they never get it done.

And that’s also another issue for another day. But right now the main thing is Halo needs to be updated with new everything at this point. And if they don’t do that, then the player base is going to get upset and they’re going to leave their good tenure to leave.

And most people have lost trust. I did a survey on my YouTube channel and most people have completely lost trust and don’t believe Halo will come back and that Halo is indeed dead. So Halo has a lot of problems.

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