Next Gen Video Game Theory

Future of Gaming

What exactly does the future of gaming look like? And I think that’s a deep philosophy concept. Well, it’s gonna of course, have more artificial intelligence and stuff like that built in to everything.

That is one aspect that is going to dominate the future. Artificial Intelligence is going to get much better. Of course virtual reality will be like sunglasses. This just seems like it’s a natural course from where we are today. And where we will be going. Why wouldn’t we have sunglasses in the future that have augmented reality and virtual reality? Both together.

And I really think this is the way it will be in the long run. Why wouldn’t it be like this because in the end, it has to get more simple the interfaces have to get more simple for people to buy into virtual reality. Big headsets and things like that just are not going to last in the long term when it comes to virtual reality.

This is why it’s such a big deal to get these devices into people’s hands in the future. I predict Apple or Samsung will be primed for this because they’ve already developed some technology like this. It probably won’t be the first person who does this though.

Probably be the second person who makes sunglasses. We all remember Google lens that came out a few years ago. And that was kind of a big deal when it came right down to it and being able to create these technologies.

So in the end, we’ll have to see how this develops or it goes but it definitely will be something that will take on the future and will change the future dramatically.






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