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Fortnite No Construction Brings in New Players

Fortnite has been a lot of fun for me playing this game. And one of the things about it is a no construction a lot of people have mixed feelings about no construction and what that really means for this game in general. However it is bringing in a new player base like never before this new player base is massive and is growing the game exponentially.

This is a good change for Fortnite as it’s bringing in those new players that were not going to play this game unless they got rid of construction and this one, and I think it was a good idea, honestly by Epic Games to get rid of construction and forts, Knights and that’s what they really needed to do. And they did that and here we are guys with one game.

That is probably going to be number one on YouTube streaming, just because they got rid of it very shortly. I doubt it could overtake Minecraft but I don’t count Minecraft with YouTube streaming because it takes forever to overtake Minecraft. It could happen though, so we’ll have to see what exactly happens.

Here’s a video of me playing and I did cut out the highlights and some other stuff of how fun it is with no construction in this game.






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