Next Gen Video Game Theory

Augmented Reality Sunglasses Will Change the Future of Gaming

Augmented reality can be thought of as something that will be a major player when it comes to sunglasses in the future. Eventually we will have sunglasses that just do augmented reality law.

Well. What I mean by augmented reality law well it’s not really a wall in a sense, of course, but it is something that can develop into something bigger if you have sunglasses that can utilize augmented reality. This is going to be a big thing.

Augmented reality is famous from the game Pokemon Go. This game brought in augmented reality and allowed it to be on your phone, but once they put Pokemon Go in sunglasses, I think that’s where it’s gonna really take off. It’s going to absolutely be an addiction for people, people who are running around the neighborhood catching Pokemon like crazy, and that’s when augmented reality is really going to break into the future where everything is going to change is when people are able to run around and play Pokemon Go.

And if they can do this guys, it will be a lot of fun. Eventually sunglasses will be like smartphones we have the day people will take them outside and they’ll be able to do stuff they’ll be to check their social media with them and do a whole lot more with the augmented reality portion of it’s gonna allow you to play Madden and other stuff while being out and doing augmented reality. So it’s kind of a really big deal.

Once this happens, it’s going to take off very fast because of things like Pokemon GO and other games that come out. Harry Potter even had a very good augmented reality game that came out a few years ago.

That was absolutely superb. So definitely be on the lookout for how augmented reality is going to change the world because it most definitely will and is one of the biggest players in the future.






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