Next Gen Video Game Theory

A Easier Way to Become a Beginner Game Developer in a Day

How exactly can you become a game developer in a day and a lot of people are very intimidated by game development. They feel like they have to have programming knowledge and this simply is not the case.

For instance, Unreal Engine five lets you drag and drop a ton of cool stuff in it. Unity has a ton of free asset packs, and so does Unreal Engine. So all you got to do is really get these asset packs are normally free and these marketplaces for Unity and Unreal Engine. If you get these packs you’ll be off to a great start developing your game. These free packs are one of the secrets that not a lot of people know about. What I would do is I would start making movies with these packs just go in there and start creating stuff.

I think that’s the main thing. Unreal Engine five has a lot of creativity. I would start there to be honest with you, but feel free to go into Unreal Engine marketplace or view any marketplace and check out what is free.

A lot of their free stuff is enough content to create an amazing scene for a movie using a green screen. So really be thinking about what you could create. In reality imagination is the limit.

A lot of shows are now using this. For instance, the Mandalorian uses Unreal Engine to create some of their scenes, and also in Boba Fett. So don’t feel like that.

You can’t create something in these engines because it’s absolutely possible. You just have to set your mind to it and go in there and just try it out. Test it out. And you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish especially with Unreal Engine five. It’s such a user friendly engine, watch some tutorials on YouTube.

I did that and had a lot of success trying to develop a lot of different stuff utilizing Unreal Engine. I’m not an expert at all and I was able to do this. I would expect the same to be true when it comes to unity and how everything’s kind of created in that engine and what can actually be accomplished.

So I would recommend almost downloading both engines but personally, I would start with Unreal Engine because I have experience with that. However, I have heard it’s easier to program in unity from Unity developers who have commented on some of my YouTube post, so just make sure that you have fun. That’s the main thing and really try to be creative and look at those free asset packs which you can create.

And you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much you may have been missing out with or didn’t think was possible previously by just jumping into these engines. These next gen graphics engines!






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