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Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Graphics Are True Next Gen

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 graphics are next gen. After years of waiting for the next game in the Horizon series. We finally get to feast our eyes on this next gen game. Horizon Forbidden West is a game that has checked all the marks when it comes to graphics.

Horizon Forbidden West Graphics Video

Video Transcript

Horizon forbidden West has been a game in development for a very long time. That is why many people are so excited for this new game and the franchise of Horizon Zero Dawn.

The graphics of this game are truly next generation with the moves that have been made by ex Xbox and buying up many companies. PlayStation really does a big hit at this point in time. The timing of this game coming out could not have been better. The reason that it’s such a big deal with this games coming out is because it is truly a PlayStation game.

It is a game that uses the power of the PlayStation five. Now we’ll be showcasing the graphics. Guerilla Games has really gone all out when it comes from graphical fidelity standpoint, from an animation standpoint with horizon, the lighting the textures, the moments in the game, the animations everything within this game is innovative.

There’s new tech trees and new technologies that you can earn the game, new giant robots that you can take down. They have spent a tremendous amount of time developing this game to turn it into what it is today.

The for first game was very good. The first game really set the series apart. The graphics on the PlayStation four looked phenomenal. Eventually they came over to PC and looked really good too.

Now we’re in the PS five era and the graphics look great. And one of the things that you see in this game that makes the graphics look so good. Is the grass textures. And everything in the game is textured out there is no moment in this game that’s not textured out.

That doesn’t have moving grass, or that your body running across the grass, the grass and there’s also particles floating through the air from a graphical perspective horizon. Forbidden West isn’t all it is something that has really been put forth from the fire in the game to other moments, such as water dripping in a cave. has looked at the small details whether it’s a giant robot creature walking off in the distance, you almost feel that Jurassic Park moment coming to play.

It’s like they wanted to capture those first moments of the movie Jurassic Park and horizon for being West. And we can see that they’ve done an incredible job of doing that.

This game is something where you look at a sunset for instance, and you look up in the sky you can see the light rays beaming down on you can see the sunsets off in the distance with the clouds covering the mountain. All this stuff leads to something truly great when it comes. And I think you’re going to sit here a lot of times in this game and just be inspired by what the developers have been able to create and just look around and see the scenery.

When you’re moving throughout the game. The water effects ripple in a way we haven’t seen a lot in games. Everything’s interactive. Everything in this game has been touched and modified to create an incredible experience to bring in the atmosphere and culture of Horizon, and this is something that will change the way next generation games are made because the formula has been found Guerilla games has found a formula that absolutely works like this game, from the collapsed buildings and everything that’s showing an apocalyptic world.

Everything comes together to create this world that you want to explore. All the environments and textures are good, but also the underwater world looks amazing to the human animations such as when you’re talking to someone heaven just absolutely increased even higher than they were on the original PlayStation you can see the emotions in people’s faces.

The sky or it’s absolutely amazing to the clouds and all that other stuff that’s out there. When you’re swimming in the water for instance, you see up you can see the reflections from the sky down onto the water and this really just adds a certain element to this game. Horizon for Ben West is truly a next generation title. And we can see that with the graphics and everything that this title has brought for.

It’s exciting to see next generation starting to come into its own. A lot of people were not sure what that really meant. It is a great example of a truly next generation game that is bringing in the tech throughout the generations. What an exciting time to be a gamer. I’ll see you guys in the next video, hit that like button. I’ll see you on the flipside.





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