Fortnite Uses True Next Gen Unreal Engine 5 Graphics

Learn how Fortnite is leading the way in graphical technology. The game is one of the first to use the powerful Unreal Engine 5 developed by Epic Games. Using the power of the engine they have developed they are able to produce faster and better graphics. They are able to optimize the engine with Fortnite and showcase the engine.

Video Transcript

How’s it going gamers today I want to talk to you guys about something that’s absolutely amazing that I didn’t know for a while or found out recently but I thought it would be a good idea to make a video on it because it’s really important that you know this, and it’s about next generation graphics. The first game that became a next generation game was actually Fortnite I know that may actually shock you guys, but Fortnite began using in December 2021, the Unreal Engine five which is set to come out in spring 2022 I want to let that sink in. It’s not even out yet. And Fortnite is actually using Unreal Engine five next generation graphics at power the Xbox series X, PlayStation five and a whole bunch of other futuristic systems.

Unreal Engine five is actually really easy for developers to work with, and it probably is a great choice. For Fortnite since Fortnite is built on Unreal Engine and owned by Epic Games. It just seems like it’s a natural thing. But why is this important to why exactly is this important too? Well, right now, we see the release of a lot of character packs and those character packs are all going to be in Unreal Engine five. So for instance, the uncharted Character Pack is coming out that’s going to be in the Unreal Engine five system. The land and textures all in Fortnite have been converted over to Unreal Engine five, you can see the new lighting of what next generation will look like. And sure it may not be on par with what’s going to come out into the future.

But they definitely want to showcase the engine and all that this engine can do. It’s interesting that Fortnite, ironically, is the game that is powering next generation graphics. But how deep down the rabbit hole do we actually go here with Next Generation graphics? All the developers of Fortnite are at a huge advantage right now. Being able to test out Unreal Engine five, because many of the systems that I’m related to find make it even easier to produce Fortnite content. And I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but with a quick slip engine where you can just drag and drop objects into the game basically, they are at a huge advantage to put high resolution textures in there make the game look even nicer.

They’re working on meta humans, for instance that allow them to create characters very easily in Fortnite. These types of terms and terminology are really changing the way we view Fortnite in general. I know that sounds crazy. Some people may not agree with this concept. I want to tell you that Epic Games is really trying to push into the next generation, and they’re giving developers the tools to create their own Fortnite’s, basically. And I think that’s the great thing about what Epic Games is doing right now is they’re putting the power back in the creators.

Right now. You could get Unreal Engine five, and you could go create some amazing stuff using their engine. It’s a ton of free assets that they provide much like Fortnite and all the characters in it, you can do the same too. And the learning curves, not too much at least to get cream movies and stuff like that. So it’s interesting that Fortnite is kind of taking the reigns and you ask yourself, so what I mean it doesn’t really next look next gen. That’s because Epic Games is testing out a lot of different stuff. The engine is not even at this time. The engine is actually still running in pre alpha or pre beta or whatever you want to call it, because it’s not out till spring 2022 And they’re able to really work these things out with Fortnite. Ironically. So if you may have some servers issues with Fortnite it could be them relatedly moving everything over to Unreal Engine five for Unreal Engine five is a very good looking engine.

We saw the matrix demo that looks absolutely amazing and even look real life at times. While you’re going to see this same technology power Fortnite into the future, they’re going to be able to update the game even better. This puts Epic Games at a huge advantage and this is why Fortnite. I believe has been successful is because Epic Games owns Unreal Engine if you didn’t know that and they’re able to put these things together very easily. And it’s going to be even easier for them now and they are actually sharing a lot of the assets use the Cray four nine to let you be able to create an Unreal Engine five so if you want to go create some stuff right now you could actually probably you can use the environmental textures they’re using in Fortnite to create some movies or create a game of your own.

They’re not holding this tech up and hiding it from everyone. They’re actually allowing other people to develop because they want other people to develop. This is good news for developers. And it’s good news from a graphical perspective, because the tech can be looked at. With the lighting system. People can share it make stuff look better with lumen, which is the lighting system that’s kind of replacing ray tracing, it’s less intensive so the game still looks as good as if it was ray trace, which is a really graphically intense. So when we look at it from that perspective, we’re seeing everything come together.

Then we have the Niagra particles which are even newer, an Unreal Engine five that really bring in a good particle physics that increase performance so Fortnite’s gonna end up looking a lot better from all this stuff rolling in it in a way it’s kind of weird. You almost think of Fortnite as the next crisis, because it’s bringing in all this new graphical tech that is actually going to be powering the next generation for years to come. These engines don’t change that often. So this is very interesting to see the changes with Unreal Engine five from Unreal Engine for where we’re currently at right now.

So be excited guys Fortnite is powering away so you’ve seen update in Fortnite, a character in Fortnite is actually being powered by the next generation of gaming and Unreal Engine five and many other gaming companies have said they’re going to be using Unreal Engine five from here on out, because it’s a lot easier to developer to develop it.

So even the big companies are looking at this not even indie companies, but you can definitely expect a lot of indie developers to pop up creating games even similar to Fortnite because of the way the ability to develop in the engine is. So take a look at all these incredible graphics and being able to update Fortnite to next generation before anything else has really allowed Epic Games to put everything together to be at the cutting edge of graphics technology at this point in time.

It’ll be really interesting to see how this develops in the future, but it’s definitely exciting times for gaming. If you liked this video, just hit that like button support. And I’ll talk to you guys later on next gen Video Game Theory

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