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Hellblade 2 Uses Next Gen Unreal Engine 5 Graphics

The game Hellblade 2 uses the next gen Unreal Engine 5. We go over the graphics of the new game in this video. Covering some of the features that are being put into Hellblade 2 using the UE5 or Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 Graphics Used in HellBlade 2 Overview Video

Video Transcript

Today we’ll take a look at Hellblade to sanyes Saggar coming out soon it uses Unreal Engine five and that’s why I want to talk about this game is it is the next generation game It truly is a next generation game. We’re just going to take an overview of these graphics really quick. As you can see, the lighting has been stepped up a notch especially when it looks into darker shadows. And we can see the light beaming offer phase.

This is most likely using the lumen technology that Unreal Engine has implemented this is a new technology that Unreal has going on. We can see a lot of high rez textures it looks like they’re using quick split to develop a lot of the land a lot of the environments here. While this isn’t really you can tell this movie was most likely made using the Unreal Engine, taking a look at it deeply and if this is real time it looks absolutely amazing. Now the facial animations they could be using meta scans meta scans is a new technology that Unreal has come out with Unreal Engine four, but they’re also implementing mega scans of the human face into this.

So I think that’s really cool to take a look at they’re called meta humans basically but they can up their graphics very easily by using that promote we can see here just the smoke lighting is using their lumen system and I Agra system for particle effects and the park Nagar system as that fire you can see right there is an advanced system that does particles very well but it’s not as resource intensive and is really good for next gen systems because it it kind of balances out the performance with what’s going on there. Now here we can we can see that there’s a lot going on right here. When it comes to these textures and what is actually getting brought out here.

The lighting care is very much a moment of this game and that is one of the features of next generation is the lighting in general. Now that Niagra system comes into effect right there that fire coming into play. But you can also see the reflections of the sweat coming off of the giant I believe and that is something that is definitely next generation we want to see those types of effects because that means we’ve reached that point. Lighting is what it’s all about. We could see the fire coming off the arrow and the throw splash of the Niagara effect coming in the fire looks absolutely amazing. Using the particle system combined with lumen and Niagara. So the smoke effects are coming into play.

We got those particles in the air that really bring in the effects of Unreal Engine five and I think that’s where you’re gonna see it guys and that actually the guy running away and pulling down is an animation that is built into Unreal Engine so I find that actually ironic because it’s built into the pack that kind of trains you that running animation I wonder if they grabbed it from there. The facial animations look absolutely amazing, as you can see are the reflections of the water and the water effects are what you’re getting that next gen book in regards to anything that doesn’t look next generation I would say the main thing is just taking a look at some of the character points maybe it looks past generation but when you see the lighting and the particle effects that’s where you’re going to see the biggest change with this we see the fire near the fire looks absolutely okay.

But then we see this moment right here and at this game looks just like that with the lighting looking like that. And the high rez environment which they are using, probably with the quick slip engine where they can drag and drop the environment. That’s what they use with the matrix demo. So this looks very good guys. Lots of particle effects rolling in. We’re just going to increase that performance and make the game that much better. Super excited to see what they come up with. There’s a lot of stuff flying around a lot of good stuff.






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