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Niche Down to What Works Does Matter in 2023 for Gaming Youtube Channel

After constantly trying to find a breakthrough on Youtube, the only way to grow is to niche down. And stay with that niche long-term even if things are not going well at first. If you niche down on Youtube, you will have a better chance of someone watching a second video. And that person then…

Is Forge Free in Halo Infinite?

I recently let my Xbox Game Pass expire. On Xbox, this means you really can’t do anything normally. Given I did not have any games and most online features were gone, I was not sure what to do. Why fire up Halo Infinite, of course, to see if Forge worked? What were the results? Long…

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Star Wars Jedi Survivor

1.) The previous game was actually good and cinematic. The intro is one of the best in gaming. 2.) Jedi Fallen Order nailed the feeling of Star Wars perfectly. When you think about the atmosphere of Star Wars. The last game was it. 3.) There were some pretty funny quotes in the last game. It…

7 Reasons Why 2023 Will Be the Biggest Year in Gaming

It looks like 2023 will be another big year in gaming! Let’s look at some of the big games and news to look forward to in 2023. 1. All the games that have been on the back burner for the past few years will finally be coming out. 2.) Starfield will be coming out. The…


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